Healthcare Admin: A Booming Career in a Booming Industry

Doctors walking around in their crisp white coats, nurses running from station to station and responding to emergency calls, technicians manning sophisticated medical machines… these are the images that come to mind when you think of a career in healthcare. But have you ever wondered who the force behind the smooth functioning of a healthcare… Read more »

Top 5 Online Degrees for Busy, Working People

Many of us have multiple things and projects throughout the day to work on that sometimes we don’t get enough time to stop and think about our goals and what we want to accomplish in the future. We’re so caught up in our busy lifestyle that sometimes our job or experience becomes mundane. However, many… Read more »

11 Exciting Careers With A Criminal Justice Degree

What often goes unsaid is that the criminal justice system and the people working in it are the ‘guardians’ of those values that we believe in as a nation – values like fairness, equality, and justice for all. If you, too, care about upholding these values, and wish to do something about it, a career… Read more »

9 Apps College Students Can’t Do Without

  With the advent of smartphones and tablet PCs, one of the most popular phrases flying around campuses, cafeterias and offices up and down the country is, “Is there an app for that?” While some would argue otherwise, there’s no denying the extent to which they’ve simplified ‘life’ as we know it. This infographic shows how modern… Read more »

5 Advantages of Enrolling in an Online College while Still Working

Before we get into it, let’s put some hard statistics out there: Online enrollments grew at a rate of 9.3% in 2012 according to an annual Sloan report An additional 570,000 students enrolled in at least one online course in 2012 That brought the total number of online students to 6.7 million or 32% of… Read more »

5 Benefits of a Master’s in Education Administration

If you are looking for a rewarding career in a growing industry, you should seriously consider becoming an education administrator. An educational administrator works with teachers, students, and other educators touching lives and making education a positive experience for everyone involved. Completing a Master’s in Education Administration will equip you with the right set of… Read more »

The Sports Industry Growth Accelerates Job Opportunities

Sports are deeply ingrained in the culture of our country. From college sports to the ‘Big 4’ professional sports leagues, and from the Olympic Games to the football World Cup, there’s something about this sweat-inducing, adrenalin-pumping activity that captures the collective imagination of the nation. But what we sometimes forget is that sport is also… Read more »

How to Start a Business in Texas

Have you always dreamed of owning a business? Being your own boss can be a compelling dream, but starting a successful business takes careful planning. According to the Houston Chronicle, more than 80,000 new businesses were filed in the first half of 2014 for the state of Texas. Giants such as Dell, ExxonMobil and Phillips… Read more »

4 Most Popular Criminal Justice Jobs in Texas

If you’re looking for a promising career, criminal justice offers plenty of possibilities for your future. You can choose from several subfields — such as security, law enforcement and corrections — and build your career through experience and education. In criminal justice, as in so many other things, Texas leads the way. The most popular… Read more »