B.A. in Business

BA in Business

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Business
  • Learn the various issues facing business professionals today – 128 credit hours
  • Flexible program for busy, working students, allowing you to learn and work at your own pace, on your own schedule

The B.A. in Business program consists of 128 hours. The program emphasizes core business skills and leadership development in a challenging course of study that will prepare students to adapt to the fast changing business environment. With an emphasis on eBrochurecommunication, finance, accounting, ethics and entrepreneurship, the Bachelor of Arts in Business provides a strong foundation for a wide range of careers including financial planning, sales, non-profit management, entrepreneurship and business management.

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B.A. in Business Courses

*Courses listed are degree-specific courses, taken in addition to General Education courses required to complete the degree.

Course # Course Title
 ACC 2301 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
 ACC 2302 Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting
 CIS 2304 Spreadsheet Software
 MTH 2301 Introduction to Statistics
 BUS 3310 Leadership and Business
 BUS 3311 Principles of Management
 BUS 3321 Business Law
 BUS 3350 Principles of Marketing
 BUS 3360 Finance
 BUS 4302 Strategic Management
 COM 3331 Organizational Communications
 ECO 2301 Introduction to Macroeconomics
 ECO 2302 Introduction to Microeconomics
Plus four courses from the following:
 BUS 3312 Small Business Management
 BUS 3313 Creativity, Critical Thinking and Change
 BUS 3340 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
 BUS 3351 Selling and Sales Management
 BUS 3361 Money, Banking and Credit
 BUS 3370 Purchasing Management
 BUS 3380 Production and Operations Management
 BUS 4311 International Management
 BUS 4350 International Marketing


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