B.A. in Healthcare Administration

BA in Healthcare Administration

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Healthcare Administration
  • Learn the various issues facing healthcare professionals today – 128 credit hours
  • Flexible program for busy, working students, allowing you to learn and work at your own pace, on your own schedule


The B.A. in Healthcare Administration is a doorway to success for people seeking to enter the healthcare profession or advance their career. Healthcare Administration (HCA) is an essential component of the delivery of health services in our country and the eBrochurelargest employer in the American workforce.

A distinguished faculty of experienced healthcare administration leaders will deliver a stimulating curriculum immersed in academic challenges. Students will find rewarding studies as diverse as information technology, healthcare economics, accounting and finance, the law of health services and healthcare ethics.

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B.A. in Healthcare Administration

*Courses listed are degree-specific courses, taken in addition to General Education courses required to complete the degree.

Course # Course Title
 MTH 2301 Introduction to Statistics
 BUS 3340 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
 COM 3331 Organizational Communications
 ECO 2301 Introduction to Macroeconomics
 ECO 2302 Introduction to Microeconomics
 HCA 3311 Consumer Issues in Healthcare
 HCA 3312 Management Essentials of Healthcare Organizations
 HCA 3341 Essentials of Healthcare Ethics
 HCA 3315 Quality Management in Healthcare
 HCA 3330 Information Technology in Healthcare
 HCA 3345 Marketing Management in Healthcare
 HCA 3360 Principles of Healthcare Finance
 HCA 4340 Legal Aspects of Healthcare Administration
 HCA 4360 Healthcare Finance Issues
 HCA 4365 Managing the Healthcare Organization
 HCA 4370 Healthcare Economics
 HCA 4380 Management of Medical Practices
 HCA 4410* Healthcare Administration Practicum
 REL 3333 Introduction to Christian Ethics

*Capstone Project- students will be required to complete an on-ground
practicum at an approved site. HCA 4410 is a 16-week course.

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For detailed information on upcoming webinar orientations please visit this page: online.concordia.edu/programs.

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