Master of Business Administration


The Concordia MBA prepares students to be exceptional leaders with classes taught through a Christian perspective. As a Concordia University Texas student you will learn business concepts in the classroom and be equipped to apply them to your workplace and beyond. Our online Master of Business Administration will supply you with a strong understanding of the marketplace as well as a key to open doors to a wealth of new opportunities. We have designed our online program to take students from entry-level roles to management positions in the industry of their choice.

Program Benefits

  • Balanced curriculum: Our program focuses on developing the core values and concepts of business. As a student, you will develop skills in the areas of marketing, economics, finance, management, operations, strategy, entrepreneurship and leadership.
  • Real-world application: Your highly trained instructors will ensure that lessons learned have real-world value. You will use practical application to develop tools for use after completing your degree.
  • Convenience: We know from experience how difficult it is to balance the burdens of work and school. As a result, our instructors are dedicated to keeping courses flexible so you can complete assignments at your own pace.
  • Year-round support: Our online help desk is available for students 24/7.

Our business administration students acquire strong business skills through a flexible yet rigorous academic experience. We work to grow students into energetic, creative and effective leaders. Our program will develop you into a business professional who is ready to make courageous and effective decisions about complex business situations.  With a Concordia MBA, you will find a wealth of new opportunities and a comparative advantage against colleagues with only a bachelor’s degree.

Need help with your classes? Concordia students can log in with 24/7 and work one-to-one with an expert tutor.


 Master of Business Administration Courses

Course # Course Title
MBA 5306 Critical Thinking Core
MBA 5122 Engaging Community
MBA 5220 Business, Society, and Public Policy
MBA 5316 Managing Operations and Technology
MBA 5201 Marketing Management
MBA 5103 Engaging Others
MBA 5113 Engaging Self
MBA 5207 Managerial Accounting
MBA 5447 Capstone
MBA 5225 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
MBA 5312 Managerial Finance
MBA 5302 Managerial Economics
MBA 5308 Organizational Ethics, Behavior and Change
MBA 5300 Quantitative Methods and Statistics
MBA 5321 Decision Making and Strategy in Complex Situations

Our Mission is to Develop Christian Leaders