How Concordia University Texas Online Instruction Mirrors On-Campus Instruction

A misconception about earning your degree online is a drop off in quality from a traditional on-campus program. Some students pause about beginning an online degree program because of worries that it won’t measure up to a traditional experience. Between the teaching nature of distance learning and using technology, some prospective online students have their reservations.

At Concordia University Texas online, we ensure that the experience is just as strong and effective as our on-campus learning. Here are a few ways that we maintain quality between the two methods.

Unlimited Access

Because our instructors embrace the availability that the Internet provides, our online courses offer students unlimited access to course information. You don’t have to worry about not knowing your grade, or spending energy trying to find lecture notes.

We believe in the importance of access when it comes to our online courses, and because of this, our students have access to their course materials at all times. You will be able to retrieve previous lectures and readings on our online campus at any time. Most importantly, you have constant access to your grades to give you a better understanding of where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Furthermore, our 24/7 help desk will help you work through any technical problems.

Individualized Attention

In some on-campus situations, students aren’t able to work directly with other students on a regular basis. Professors may limit student contact to office hours, and if a student can’t meet during that period of time, they might be out of luck.

Our instructors are always a click away. Due to the online nature of our courses, professors understand the importance of frequent communication. Our instructors are always ready to receive questions, and if you have a more immediate need, the 24/7 help desk may be able to assist you. We also offer one-on-one attention with a tutoring expert through It is our goal to ensure that a student never goes without the individual attention and assistance they require to succeed.


One of the easiest ways to identify the quality of a degree program, online or traditional, is by accreditation. For a program to receive accreditation, it undergoes a strict review process from a third-party association. All of the online programs at Concordia University Texas have completed this review and are accredited. This means that your degree is of quality and will prepare you for a career in your chosen field.

Experienced Instructors

Much of what you gain from a course comes from the instructor’s plan and effectiveness. Students who may struggle with a given subject may not receive the attention and instruction they need to fully understand the concepts. Sometimes inefficient instruction can leave a student unprepared for future application.

For all of our online degree programs, we have highly trained professors who create a clearer road to success. Many of these instructors aren’t just experts in their fields, but are still practitioners building experience. Our instructors understand what it takes to succeed in their given field, and will pass that knowledge to students.

Course Topics

Prospective online students may want to know how subjects differ from the traditional program. We keep uniformity across traditional and online delivery to ensure that graduates of both programs are equally prepared for their chosen career. This also allows many of our on-campus professors to transfer lesson plans and course materials directly online with minimal changes.

Concordia University Texas is committed to ensuring that online degree programs maintain the same level of quality and excellence as our traditional on-campus programs. The aforementioned points are just a few reasons why, as a student of online learning, you will receive the same quality instruction.

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