10 Business Networking Associations in Texas

For many, earning an online business degree is a step toward finding a better job. But once you have finished the courses and received your diploma, what lies next? In today’s crowded job market, finding a position can be difficult. Networking with like-minded businesspeople is a great way to find a future career or even benefit your company.

Using networking to your benefit is basically an extension of office communications. There’s an old saying that says, “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.” Networking and business relationships are alike in that each party does a favor for the other in the hope that at a later point, they will receive one back.

In Texas, there are plenty of networking groups for several groups of professionals. Most of these groups are limited to the larger metro areas of the state. Here are ten groups that Texas residents should consider joining.

Statewide Business Networking Groups in Texas

Texas Young Professionals

For professionals in their 20s to mid-40s across Texas, there is Texas Young Professionals. They focus on creating relationships between businesspeople and sponsor career development and civic involvement activities across the state. Seven chapters serve the many corners of the state, and each has their own leadership group.

Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Texas

The only statewide group dedicated to economic empowerment for women, The Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Texas is one of the largest women’s business organizations of its kind nationally. The chamber is committed to three areas: leadership development, relationship networking and advocacy. The chamber is a great option for women looking to meet female business leaders of all ages.

Business Networking in Austin

Networking Austin

Professionals of all ages are welcomed at Networking Austin, which sprouted from one of the city’s most respected networking professionals. The group provides members with opportunities to use each other as sales contacts and boasts a “productive exchange of leads.” With features like assigned seating and meetings led by professional networkers, Networking Austin is great for those looking for a serious business focus in their networking group.

Austin Board of Realtors (ABOR)

Austin’s largest networking group, ABOR is made up of nearly 10,000 members. ABOR touts itself as a networking resource for both real estate professionals and other members of the Austin community. On top of regular networking opportunities, ABOR participates in community outreach by promoting sustainable communities. ABOR is a major player in Austin’s economy; anyone interested in real estate should become involved in its events.


The tech community in Austin is among the country’s largest, and Door64 is its biggest networking group. While different from a traditional networking group, the monthly Door64 happy hour is among the biggest networking events in the city. Everyone who’s anyone in the Austin tech scene attends. The group’s newsletter has 30,000 subscribers and they have hosted nearly 200 events. Door64 is the perfect resource for someone wanting to break into the Austin tech space.

Business Networking in Dallas


The largest and oldest networking organization in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, CareerConnection is dedicated to providing job leads for its members. Since 1992, the group has helped over 60,000 professionals find a new job position. Because of their focus on finding job leads, CareerConnection doesn’t have much of a social component.

Dallas Regional Chamber (DRC)

The city’s elite networking group, the DRC is full of established leaders and top level decision-makers. The group offers a number of leadership development programs for all levels of professionals and welcomes members of all ages. The major downside is that membership is expensive with $700 a year being the lowest level.

Business Networking in Houston

Federation of Houston Professional Women (FHPW)

For Houston’s businesswomen, FHPW is committed to bringing together women from diverse business background. FHPW weekly meetings aren’t just for networking, but also include friendship and support for all members. Although it has plenty of business elements, FHPW also contain several social components.

Greater Houston Partnership (GHP)

The GHP is considered one of the prominent groups in the Houston economic community. Its over 2,000 members are committed to assisting each other in their mission to bettering the city’s economic endeavors. Like the Dallas Regional Chamber, the GHP is expensive. The lowest membership costs $1,000 a year. But the networking opportunities and events are considered the best in the city.

AfriPRO Houston

A part of the larger AfriPRO business network, AfriPRO Houston is the largest networking group for African American professionals in Houston. AfriPRO values an “exchange of ideas for promotional development.” They operate in a manner similar to most other networking groups and put on several social and professional networking events.

Concordia University Texas and Networking

Joining a business networking organization is an easy way to become involved in your local economic community. These groups are just a few examples of organizations that can benefit your career in a variety of ways. The online business degree programs at Concordia University Texas will give you the tools on how to network effectively. When used correctly, networking can benefit all parties, and these groups start that process. Discover our online degree programs today.

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