11 Exciting Careers With A Criminal Justice Degree

What often goes unsaid is that the criminal justice system and the people working in it are the ‘guardians’ of those values that we believe in as a nation – values like fairness, equality, and justice for all. If you, too, care about upholding these values, and wish to do something about it, a career in criminal justice might be a great professional choice for you.

What kind of opportunities exist?

Criminal justice comprises of three main components – law enforcement, court, and corrections. Armed with a degree in criminal justice,you can qualify for exciting career opportunities. A Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice – online or in-class –can be an ideal stepping stone to graduate programs or advanced training in various fields.

Here’s looking at some exciting career opportunities:

Police Officers and Detectives

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 780,000 police officers and detectivesin our country in 2012 (with another 41,400 expected to be added over the next decade). As a police officer or detective, you’ll either be working for the local, state, or the federal government. Agencies like the FBI, U.S. Secret Service, and U.S. Border Protection could be your employers.

Private Investigators

The number of private investigators stood at 30,000 in 2012 and was expected to grow at 11 percent in the 2012-2022 period. As a private detective, you could be self-employed or working for the government, a private investigation agency, a law firm, or the finance and insurance industry.

Crime Scene Investigators

Television programs like CSI have added to the appeal of becoming a CSI agent. This field will enjoy a faster than average growth rate of 19 percent. You’ll get to work on crime scene locations gathering evidence for lab analysis and interviewing eye witnesses. As a CSI agent, what you uncover could be what’s needed to crack the case.

Fraud Investigators

These professionals work with insurance companies and usually come on the scene when a claim is being questioned.  They can also be hired for private investigation related to a company’s business practices. They will interview, gather evidence, and present their findings to the company or individual that hired them.

Security Guards

This profession will enjoy an 18 percent job growth rate. These are generally private security guards hired to protect private property and make sure that all protocols for safety are followed. They work with law enforcement authorities to deter crime and protect communities.

State Troopers

They work on state highways to ensure that safety laws are being followed by private and commercial vehicles. They also assist the government in searching for wanted criminals.

Correctional and Probation Officers

While the job of a correctional officer is to supervise individuals who are awaiting trial while in jail as well as those who are serving time, a probation officer mainly works with offenders who are serving a probationary sentence instead of a prison term for their crime, or those who are out on parole.

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent, a United States Postal Inspector, a Forensic Science Technician and Criminologist are the other popular careers to have emerged within the criminal justice system.

If you’re ready to prepare for a career that is less than ordinary, Concordia University Texas offers online criminal justice programs so that you can earn your degree while keeping your job or personal commitments. Ask for more information on our B.A. in Criminal Justice. A career that’s full of drama, reward, and a lot of gratification, awaits you!

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