5 Benefits of a Master’s in Education Administration

If you are looking for a rewarding career in a growing industry, you should seriously consider becoming an education administrator. An educational administrator works with teachers, students, and other educators touching lives and making education a positive experience for everyone involved.

Completing a Master’s in Education Administration will equip you with the right set of skills needed for the job. There are incomparable benefits to the job of a school/college administrator with perks that are hard to match. These are some of the benefits you can expect:

1. You’ll be a part of a thriving industry

A traditional four-year college degree is a goal for many (if not most) students graduating out of high school. This makes post-secondary education one of the biggest industries in the country. According to this report, the post-secondary education market size in the U.S. is expected to reach a whopping $688.5 billion by 2017.

Having a Master’s in Education Administration degree has the potential to put you in the ‘high income’ bracket for life. According to the Labor Department, a post-secondary educational administrator typically earns$86,490 a year or $41.58 per hour.

2. You’ll have one of the most stable careers

A Master’s in Education Administration degree is your ticket to one of the most stable jobs in the country right now. According to the Labor Department data, employment of postsecondary educational administrators is projected to grow by 15% through 2022 – faster than average for all occupations. Opportunities will continue to open up for postsecondary educational administrators due to an increase in the number of enrollments. The department also forecasts a significant increase in online enrollments, thereby leading to a rise in the demand for educational administrators.

3. You’ll turn your vision into reality

As an educator, you are at the helm of the change you wish to see in the existing system. As an administrator, you have the power to control and influence every aspect of the education system. You can hire the right kind of teachers, sit in on classes, provide feedback to teachers, introduce innovative teaching techniques, and suggest ways in which you can create a stimulating learning environment for the students.

 4. Some Institutions will even offer you undeniable benefits

While professionals in many industries battle with pay cuts and loss of benefits, postsecondary educational administrators continue to enjoy outstanding perks. Although the perks offered may vary from employer to employer, working in the higher education industry may offer you to:

  • Access to campus facilities including gyms, sports centers, libraries, convenience stores, restaurants, etc.
  • Time off for the holiday breaks and spring break
  • Tuition-waiver and reciprocal scholarship programs

5. You’ll know you’re doing something important

Sometimes, the difference you can make in a student’s life is way more valuable than just imparting knowledge by teaching classes. A Master’s in Education Administration degree provides you with the knowledge and tools to help students realize their dreams and achieve their life goals. As an adult, it’s easy to give up on students. But as an educational administrator, you’ll be encouraging them not to give up on themselves and helping them achieve their potential. You’ll be using your experience to make the whole college experience more rewarding for these students and steer them towards a life of success.

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