Software Development, Rapid Iteration and the RITE Method

In 2002, five Microsoft employees presented a research paper and case study that began by looking at usability research in commercial settings. The authors observed that the focus in usability is often about uncovering all the problems instead of the focus of these tests — “shipping an improved user interface as rapidly and cheaply as… Read more »

Types of Market Research Methods

Market research is an essential part of launching a new product. “A lot of companies skim over the important background information because they’re so interested in getting their product to market,” marketer Donna Barson told Entrepreneur. “But the companies that do the best are the ones that do their homework.” Market research is also necessary… Read more »

Data Encoding Techniques 101

“Information” refers to data that has been decoded, according to software company Micro Focus. It is the real-world, useful form of data. Data is technically a series of electrical charges arranged in patterns to represent information. Before data in an electronic file can be decoded and displayed on a computer screen, it must be encoded…. Read more »

Continuous Improvement Tools

How is a business doing? Can the organization be more effective? What can the company do to make operations faster and more efficient? These are the types of questions that organizations ask under a continuous improvement mindset. When organizations strive to always look for better ways to do things, they can evolve their products, services,… Read more »

Urban Technology: The Business of Smart Cities

Smart cities are a new approach to urban development. They hope to “solve tangled and wicked problems inherited in the rapid urbanization,” according to research from the Center for Technology in Government at the State University of New York at Albany. Rapid urbanization is a crisis. Half of the world’s population lives in cities, with… Read more »

What Is Neural Network Art?

In recent years, advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have given rise to a new phenomenon: neural networks. By designing AI to mimic the human brain at a basic level, computer scientists are able to create machines capable of “deep learning;” that is, machines that can learn basic concepts and apply those concepts in situations other… Read more »

Exploring the Business of Global Health and Healthcare

Governments and international organizations, like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations, have made significant strides toward improving global health. For example, according to the WHO, the global average life expectancy increased by five years (to 71.4 years) between 2000 and 2015, a faster increase than any since the 1960s. Despite this, significant… Read more »

What Is Talent Acquisition?

Companies, especially new startups, succeed or fail based on the strength of their talent, but good talent is getting harder to find. In an Indeed survey of more than 1,000 HR managers, 86 percent of respondents indicated that they found it difficult to find good technical talent, and 83 percent of respondents believed that the… Read more »

Healthcare Administration 101

While most patients come into contact primarily with doctors and nurses, hospitals are full of support staff, administrators and other personnel who ensure the proper function of the hospital and delivery of care to the patient. Healthcare administrators oversee all of these people, medical staff included. Their job is to ensure that the hospital runs… Read more »