Leadership Skills: Persuasion Methods and Techniques

Persuasion in business is more than just getting other people to be receptive to your opinions and beliefs. Leaders understand that persuasion is a core aspect of communication that is needed for strong relationships and performance in business. Psychological needs illustrate a basic way of reaching people. Based on Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, once… Read more »

3 Ways Voice Tech Is Impacting Business

Voice technology has become a  part of daily life for consumers. Forty percent of adults now use voice search once per day, and according to Google, 72 percent of people who own a voice-activated speaker — like the Amazon Echo or Google Home — say their devices are used often in their daily routines. Voice-activated… Read more »

What Can I Do with an HRM Degree?

“In the past several decades, the human resource profession has evolved to become an integral component of the organization,” according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The role and the value that HR brings is changing. One survey reveals how HR departments “offer more to organizations than the transactional HR activities of record… Read more »

How to Assist Employees with the Career Management Process

Human resources departments are recognizing the importance of developing a talent management process and strategy. This emerging approach is concerned with the long-term professional development of employees within a company. The Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior described talent management as a “recent, practitioner-generated term covering a range of long-standing practices that aim… Read more »

Recruitment Strategies for HR Leaders in 2018

Effective talent acquisition and recruitment strategies help companies become more successful. But when things go wrong, business efficiency and profitability is negatively impacted — beyond the direct costs of poor recruiting processes. Estimates place the value of avoiding a toxic worker at about $12,500, and it’s even more to replace one, according to leadership and… Read more »

Attracting Talent: Employee Perks Programs

Industries are facing a shortage of talent. To a certain extent, this statement seems to apply at all times, but it’s especially relevant now. Research from ManpowerGroup found that the talent shortage across industries is at its highest — 40 percent of employers globally say they’re experiencing difficulty filling jobs — since 2007, according to… Read more »

Design Thinking Ideation: Solving Modern Business Problems

Companies tend to struggle with organizational disparities between “design thinking” and “business thinking.” Often, executives “don’t want to get involved in the [creative] process,” said Derrick Kiker, a partner at McKinsey and the CEO of design firm LUNAR, according to Fortune. “Any time you create a chief design officer role and give them a lot… Read more »

What Is Information Assurance and Security?

There is a clear need for information assurance and security workers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that the employment of information security analysts will increase 28 percent by 2026, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. “Demand for information security analysts is expected to be very high,” the BLS explained…. Read more »

Software Development, Rapid Iteration and the RITE Method

In 2002, five Microsoft employees presented a research paper and case study that began by looking at usability research in commercial settings. The authors observed that the focus in usability is often about uncovering all the problems instead of the focus of these tests — “shipping an improved user interface as rapidly and cheaply as… Read more »

Types of Market Research Methods

Market research is an essential part of launching a new product. “A lot of companies skim over the important background information because they’re so interested in getting their product to market,” marketer Donna Barson told Entrepreneur. “But the companies that do the best are the ones that do their homework.” Market research is also necessary… Read more »