Freedom of Information: Journalism in the Digital Age

  The internet has fundamentally altered American society, and journalism is no exception. In fact, the media climate is evolving at a rapid pace. How are journalists delivering the news and informing the public amid widespread changes in technology? The Journalism Landscape Journalism in the digital age consists of broadcast journalism, print journalism and internet journalism…. Read more »

Power of Play: The Importance of Sports and Social Good

Sports are not just about winning. Sports can be a driver of social change. The late Nelson Mandela once said that “sport has the power to change the world.” He witnessed this when his support of the mostly white South African national team in the 1995 Rugby World Cup had a striking effect on the… Read more »

8 Nonprofit Sports Organizations in Texas

One of the true beauties of sports is how it can unite people for good. Countless nonprofit sports organizations combine a passion for sports with community outreach and personal development. Nonprofit organizations may use sports to support a cause or to reach out to groups typically unable to participate in athletics. Texas has many nonprofit… Read more »

Creating Control: Managing Bullying in the Classroom

One of every four students reports being bullied during the school year, according to the National Bullying Prevention Center. Bullying in the classroom has always been a problem, and educators are now taking bullying seriously. In today’s classroom, teachers must ensure that they offer all students a classroom environment free of bullying. Implementing classroom management… Read more »

A Guide to Modern Classroom Management Strategies

The 21st century has brought extensive change to education. From preschools to universities, the classroom environment is evolving. Teachers are running their classes in fundamentally different ways than in the past. Effective classroom management helps teachers reach their goals for students and curb potential problems before they start. Understanding modern classroom management strategies is critical… Read more »

Dollars for Drafts: Exploring the Business Behind Fantasy Sports

In 2015, there were 56.8 million people playing fantasy sports in the United States and Canada, according to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. So if you are not playing fantasy sports, you almost certainly know someone who is. Fantasy sports have spread across all sports and are evolving at a rapid rate. What has driven… Read more »

Digital Games: How Sports Technology and Analytics Are Changing Sports

Home runs, touchdowns and points are all statistics that the average sports fans fully understands and can talk about regularly. But much of the time, this doesn’t tell the whole story. As teams look to gain an edge against competitors, they have begun to use advanced statistics and sports analytics to better understand performance. With… Read more »

How the Shift From ICD-9 to ICD-10 Is Changing Medical Coding

On Oct. 1, 2015, medical coding in the United States changed forever when the entire healthcare industry shifted from using ICD-9 to ICD-10 codes, affecting providers, insurance companies and patients. What exactly does medical coding involve? And why was the shift so important? The History and State of Medical Coding According to the World Health Organization,… Read more »

Strategic Human Resource Management for Recruiting and Hiring

As the American economy continues to rebound from the Great Recession, companies are placing great value on the strategic recruiting and hiring of employees. In many ways, the hiring process is easier than ever because of the technology available to HR professionals. But in other ways, technology has made the recruiting and hiring process more… Read more »

5 Reasons Why Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Must Get an MBA

According to the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, 280 out of 100,000 adults started/opened their own business every month in 2013. While there was a slight decline in the business creation rate from that of 2012, the key takeaway was that more and more Americans felt encouraged to start a business in the current economic… Read more »