5 Benefits of a Master’s in Education Administration

If you are looking for a rewarding career in a growing industry, you should seriously consider becoming an education administrator. An educational administrator works with teachers, students, and other educators touching lives and making education a positive experience for everyone involved. Completing a Master’s in Education Administration will equip you with the right set of… Read more »

The Sports Industry Growth Accelerates Job Opportunities

Sports are deeply ingrained in the culture of our country. From college sports to the ‘Big 4’ professional sports leagues, and from the Olympic Games to the football World Cup, there’s something about this sweat-inducing, adrenalin-pumping activity that captures the collective imagination of the nation. But what we sometimes forget is that sport is also… Read more »

How to Start a Business in Texas

Have you always dreamed of owning a business? Being your own boss can be a compelling dream, but starting a successful business takes careful planning. According to the Houston Chronicle, more than 80,000 new businesses were filed in the first half of 2014 for the state of Texas. Giants such as Dell, ExxonMobil and Phillips… Read more »

4 Most Popular Criminal Justice Jobs in Texas

If you’re looking for a promising career, criminal justice offers plenty of possibilities for your future. You can choose from several subfields — such as security, law enforcement and corrections — and build your career through experience and education. In criminal justice, as in so many other things, Texas leads the way. The most popular… Read more »

Choosing the Right Online Business Degree Program

  The right degree to compliment your skill set can open up career paths and grow your salary. For busy working professionals, however, fitting a degree in your life can present a challenge. At Concordia University Texas, we have created online business degree programs dedicated specifically for professionals looking to advance their career on a… Read more »

How Texan Are You?

The state of Texas has a long history and a culture all its own. From its years as an independent nation to its distinctive chili recipe, there’s a lot to know about the Lone Star State. So how does your Texas knowledge measure up? Take our “How Texan Are You?” quiz to find out! With… Read more »

Women in the Criminal Justice System

Seeing female police officers, lawyers, corrections officers and judges is a common occurrence these days. However, women working in the criminal justice system is a relatively new trend. It wasn’t long ago that this was quite rare. In fact, in 1872 the Supreme Court ruled against allowing a woman, Myra Bradwell, to practice law. It… Read more »

Benefits of Learning at Concordia University Texas Online

Choosing what online degree program to begin is a difficult yet important choice. Although programs may seem the same, some online degrees offer crucial benefits to students that others don’t. Concordia University Texas online strives to create an online learning community that meets the unique needs of non-traditional students. Whether a student is looking to… Read more »

How Earning a Business Degree Can Help Create Successful Entrepreneurs

Being self-employed is part of the American dream. Starting your own business and seeing it succeed is exciting. And with all the tales of success out there, it may seem as easy as simply developing a product and waiting for people to buy it. But becoming an entrepreneur isn’t so simple. It takes long hours,… Read more »

5 Ways Your Business Degree Can Pay Off

There are many things to consider when deciding on getting your business degree online: Will I have time for my course work? How can I go to school and work? Will I have to give up time with my family? Can I afford it? Will getting my business degree advance my career? At times, these… Read more »