9 Apps College Students Can’t Do Without

With the advent of smartphones and tablet PCs, one of the most popular phrases flying around campuses, cafeterias and offices up and down the country is, “Is there an app for that?”

While some would argue otherwise, there’s no denying the extent to which they’ve simplified ‘life’ as we know it. This infographic shows how modern technology (laptops, smartphones, and mobile apps) is being used around the world today, especially by college students. Of course, research suggests that most people use new technology to take their minds off academics and work, but modern mobile apps aren’t restricted to providing the ‘entertainment’ value – there are quite a few of them out there that are a real boon to our lives, if used smartly.

So here are some apps that students and professionals could benefit from. Nine top apps every college student needs:

1. BenchPrep

Preparing for exams (especially entrance exams) can be quite a daunting prospect. Largely due to the lack of proper preparation material, students tend to feel a little lost as to how well they know their stuff, and BenchPrep is a singular resource that helps you in this process for a multitude of focused exams including but not limited to the likes of GRE, LSAT and even the nursing school entrance test.

2. Chegg

Available on Google Play and the App Store, this App is an amazing place to source etextbooks, which can be rented for as long as you need them, at really cheap rates. There are over 2.5 million textbooks and guides to choose from.

3. EasyBib

Research papers are a necessary evil for grad and post grad studies. While referencing actual books, making a mistake in the formatting for citations and the bibliography can harm your final mark. EasyBib is the remedy to this problem – it makes the whole process smooth and simple, with all the popular citation formats available for your use.

4. EverNote

Taking notes is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to attending lectures, meetings, or conferences, and EverNote helps you do just that. Jotting down your thoughts as and when inspiration strikes, regardless of whether or not there is a pen and paper at hand, also means you won’t miss out on any of those brilliant ideas that come and go in a flash. Business students and working professionals, in particular, could benefit greatly from this app which is available for PC, Mac, Apple smartphones, and Android.

5. Mental Case

Don’t be fooled by the quirky name, this ‘Apple only’ app is one of the best flashcard products out there. The benefits of using flashcards to cram information in people’s brains is legendary, especially for healthcare and nursing professionals and students who have to remember complex diagrams of the human anatomy, or for those studying term-heavy subjects like criminal justice.

6. MyHomework

MyHomeworkcarries out one major function – getting you organized. This multifaceted app helps you keep track of projects, meetings, assignments, and tasks with timely reminders of when they are all due. The best part though, is that this app is genuinely cross-platform; not only does it work on Apple and Android products, but also on Kindle, Windows phones, and even the Google Chrome browser –meaning you can sync all your data seamlessly.

7. Open Study

Sometimes you just need help from a fellow student, someone who knows their stuff, to help you pass a class. While some colleges have recognized the value of peer tutoring, the limitation of such programs is that they are restricted to the confines of that particular school. For example, the school mentioned in the link – Concordia University, has a bunch of online courses as well, what if the web-based students want peer tutoring? This is where Open Study comes in. It is a free App that connects you to over 10 million other students from across the globe, and works on the principle that if someone helps you, you should do the same for someone else.

8. SparkNotes

The immensely popular website may have caused controversy because of its quick-fix tendencies that professors have accused of being a method for cheating on assignments. Regardless, this app is immensely helpful, particularly for students of literature, the arts, and film.

9. Wikipanion

Loved by one and all,Wikipedia is the go-to place for any assignment that doesn’t require proper citation. Wikipanion streamlines the whole experience for iPhone users, and allows you to make the most of that epic warehouse of information.

So, as it turns out, there are several ‘apps for that’ when it comes to work and study aid. So whether you’re a working professional trying to get yourself organized at the workplace, or a work-from-home professional taking an online course, or just a messy person who needs help to keep a track of almost every little thing in life, these apps can be a valuable resource. So take your pick, and use them wisely.

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