Program Overview

If you are ready for a career with long-term growth potential and a lucrative salary, computer science could be the answer. Get the credential you need with the online Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science degree from Concordia University Texas. Our program allows working professionals to gain the knowledge and skills they need for the career they want, while still balancing a busy schedule. The convenience and flexibility of online learning allows students to learn from professors with years of industry experience, at a time and place that works for them.

Computer science professionals will be needed in nearly every industry and sector from business to health care and beyond. By gaining the foundational skills needed to succeed, you will be prepared for long-lasting and rewarding employment. A degree in computer science can lead to several different career paths, including IT administrator, database administrator, technical support and technical project management.

The Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science program teaches students commonly used programming languages, so they are prepared with real-world skills that are immediately applicable. In addition, because the field is so dynamic, the computer science program also teaches students how to learn and adapt to new technology. Students are prepared not just for the careers of today, but also for the developments of tomorrow.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Focused curriculum: All of our program’s courses offer in-depth instruction into key areas of study essential to career success. Course topics include computer systems, programming languages and software engineering.
  • A trusted education: Since 1926, we have provided students with a valuable degree that is rooted in the liberal arts.
  • Convenience: Our online program allows you to balance your degree program with your work schedule and personal commitments. And you can earn your degree at a pace that works for you.
  • Year-round support: Our online help desk is available 24/7/365.
  • Next Start Date: July 2, 2018
  • Credit Hours: 128
  • Course Length: 8 Weeks

Career Outcomes

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in all computer-based occupations will increase by 22 percent by 2022. This vastly outpaces the average for all industry, with some areas like software development reaching projections of 30 percent employment increases. Our workforce needs well-trained computer science professionals to enter these roles.

Possible career outcomes include:

  • Computer Programmer - Median salary: $77,550
  • Database Administrator - Median salary: $80,280
  • Computer Systems Analyst - Median salary: $82,710
  • Computer System Architect - Median salary: $83,410
  • Software Developer - Median salary: $102,880
*All salaries taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale.*

Admission Requirements

A minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA on all college-level coursework, or a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA if fewer than 12 transferable college credit hours, is required. Students who do not meet the requirements will be evaluated by the admissions committee and may still be eligible for provisional admission to the program.

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Get Started

Course List

To earn your BA in Computer Science, 128 credit hours are required, and classes are offered all year. Up to 83 transfer credits are accepted, so you can finish your degree even faster.

In addition to the General Education Core Requirements, students must successfully complete the following for the major:

Our Common Core Experience
Global/Cultural (3 credits)

Choose one of the following courses:

ENG 2301 World Literature: Classicism
HIS 2321 History of Western Civilization to 1715
HIS 2322 Western Civilizations from 1715
HIS 3308 Asian History and Culture
HIS 3301 History of Mexico
HIS 3314 Traditions/Values of Classical Civilizations
HON 3311 Critical Thinking about Great Texts
PHL 3301 Survey of Western Philosophy

Modern or Classical Language

Complete two consecutive terms (at least six credit hours) of a non-English language.

Computer Science Major Requirements (33 credits)

CSC 1401 Introduction to Computer Science I
CSC 1402 Introduction to Computer Science II
CSC 2305 Discrete Structures
CSC 2301 Introduction to Computer Systems
CSC 2403 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis
CSC 4405 Software Engineering (capstone)
CSC 4310 Computer Science Internship

Plus two of the following:

CSC 3302 Operating Systems
CSC 3303 Computer Architecture
CSC 3311 Programming Language Concepts

Plus two (2) additional courses from any CSC 3000 – or
4000-level course or one (1) CSC 3000- or 4000-level
course and MTH 4310 Cryptology

Supporting Coursework (15 credits)

MTH 2301 Introduction to Statistics
MTH 2401 Calculus I (or)
MTH 1332 Applied Calculus
REL 3333 Introduction to Christian Ethics
CIS 1300 Technology of the Digital Age
(CIS 1300 Technology of the Digital Age is recommended to be completed before enrolling in CSC 1401.)
CHE 1400 Introduction to Chemistry (or)
CHE 1341/1141 Chemistry I (or)
†PHY 1401 Physics I

Plus one additional Science course (any designation)

Plus one of the following:
COM 2314 Communication Technology
BADM 3371 Management Information Systems
BADM 3380 Production and Ops Management
EDU 3323 Educational Technology

† CHE 1341/1141 and PHY 1401 are currently only offered on campus.


A sufficient number of credit hours to bring the total number of hours to 128, of which 39 must be upper-level.